Key West Hurricane Irma Update

To Our Key West Friends and Visitors:

Key West Is Officially Open For Business October 1st.

The Roads, Airport and ALL of our businesses, from Vacation Rentals to Hotels to Restaurants to Bars and even our Fishing Fleet are all Open and Up & Running like nothing ever happened.

The fact is, Key West sustained very little damage, consisting mainly of some downed trees, and loss of power and water, which have both been fully restored. The Palm Trees are fine, as they bend and do not break. They are also still green. If you were to arrive tomorrow, the only thing in Key West that would seem different from before the storm are that some of the trees are growing back their leaves. We are Key West Strong!

Key West was not the point of Landfall of Hurricane Irma. Landfall was North of us, and the strong onshore winds and storm surge did not hit us. None of our Homes or Businesses were flooded.

Key West itself truly dodged the bullet. We are not Cudjoe Key or Marathon, and we really do feel for our neighbors to the North. They are part of our family.

But in Key West, our commercial areas and residential neighborhoods are fine. There was no structural damage. The only thing the residential neighborhoods needed was some yard work, and for the pools to be cleaned, and this work has been completed.

Click or copy and paste this link below and enter the address on your contract by clicking on the search button on the left, and you see that we are fine, and drag the image around to see the rest of the island. Even the mobile home parks are still there and not damaged, and that says it all:

Canceling your bookings, or thinking that we are devastated like other areas of the Keys would be a mistake, as we are fine. If you are coming for Fantasy Fest, the last week of October, the event has not been canceled, same with the Superboat Races in the beginning of November. 

I have received many calls from people wanting to cancel their Christmas, New Years and even Winter High Season bookings. I can assure you that this is over-reacting and a knee jerk response based on fear, not facts, but we do understand your concerns.

Please have full confidence to keep or make your Key West bookings. Please call me at the numbers above or fill out the “Request Key West Info” form for more information.

If you love Key West and love our people, please keep in mind that our people and our business were out of work for over 2 weeks, and we need your dollars in our economy, so please keep your bookings. I promise you a great vacation on an island that has not been devastated!

See you soon!